Go Scuba Diving in Chicago on Lake Michigan With Us!

Double the Boats, Double the Shipwrecks!

New For 2018! Four boats, four times the shipwrecks!

Double Action

Exploring wrecks in the Port Sanilac/Harbor Beach areas.


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Sun Dog

Exploring wrecks in the Hammond, Indiana area


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Black Pearl

Exploring wrecks in the Milwaukee, WI area


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Grady White

Exploring wrecks in the Northpoint, IL area.


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Lake Michigan Scuba Charter Resources

Rental Gear, Stuff To Bring, Dive Buddies...it's all right here!

What To Bring

Certification Card, Regulator, BCD, 2 Tanks, Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Exposure Protection, Dive Boots, Save a Dive Kit, Dive Lights, Food/Drinks, Cutting Device, Weights, Wreck Reel, Signal Marker Buoy, UW Camera,  Hood & Gloves

Bring Completed Liability Release - CLICK HERE TO PRINT


- Be sure to have all equipment you need to dive and do NOT rely on equipment to be on the boat.

- You may want to bring Dramamine or Sea Sickness pills as the lake can make people who “have grown up on the water” end up feeding the fish.  You want a fun trip and sea sickness is NO FUN.

- Please also dress for the weather that is and could be.  The lake can be cold, hot, rainy, or dry and you will be miles from shore so come prepared and check the weather reports.

- Respect the size of the boat and only bring things that you may need and pack small.  Checking your equipment 2 nights before your dives is highly recommended to ensure you have everything you need and it is working properly.

- Bring your Certification Card on EVERY Divers Dream Dive Trip.  No card, No dive.  This is for the Coast Guard and we are strict on this rule!

- Be sure you are diving within your training.  You are responsible for having the proper certification for the diving you will do. (deep, wreck penetration, drysuit, night).

- You should also not be trying out new equipment or making major equipment changes.  These are the dives you bought the best equipment for and the reason you did all your training.  This is not the time to learn how to use your gear or do these dives (unless you are doing training with an Instructor).

Make sure that you have the proper certifications for the dive you are planning.  Plan your Dive and Dive your Plan!

Not being able to dive due to a forgotten mask or other equipment is not grounds for a refund. Refunds will ONLY be given if there is an issue with the boat or weather.  Rain does not cancel a trip, only the captain does.

Get ready to have a great time diving some of the best wrecks in the Southern part of Lake Michigan

Rental Equipment

Our partner, Dive Right In Scuba carries the largest inventory when it comes to rental equipment. All of their equipment is serviced twice a year to ensure there are no issues for your Lake Michigan scuba dive excursion. All BCDs are weight integrated, regulator sets all have dive computers with compasses, and their pricing is LOW!

Equipment First Day Extra Day Weekly
BCD $10.00 $5.00 $40.00
Regulator $12.00 $6.00 $48.00
7mm Wetsuit $10.00 $5.00 $40.00
Aluminum Tank $8.00 $4.00 $32.00
Steel Tank Weights and/or Belt $5.00 $3.00 $16.00
Gear Bag $3.00 $2.00 $12.00
Drysuit w/ Boots $75.00 $35.00 $300.00
Undergarment $20.00 $10.00 $80.00
Full Face Mask (mask only) $15.00 $8.00 $64.00
Hollis Scooters $85.00 $55.00 $440.00
Underwater Camera (bring your own SD card)  $35  $18  $100


*Please note we can bring your equipment to the boat for an additional $35 fee, but we must have minimum of 3 days notice to get it on the boat.

Give them a call at, 815-267-8400 to rent equipment for your trip, or see our other partners near you.

Need A Dive Buddy?

One of the Best places to look for a buddy is the Double Action Dive Charters Facebook Page.  Make sure to like the page to stay tuned on other last minute dive opportunities on Lake Michigan!



Quite often diver's discuss our charters and make arrangements for buddies on our Partner's page, Dive Right In Scuba. So remember to check there for potential new friends.


Login to Scubaboard to meet new friends from all over the world!  There are tons of Scuba Fans that are looking to dive the Great Lakes!  See who is coming out to dive, and meet some new people on your Dive Charter.


For all your Technical Diving needs, check out The Deco Stop!  Look for new trips as we head up north for deeper Technical Diving Wreck Dives.



Book The Whole Boat!

Looking for a private charter for you and your friends? You can book the whole boat with Dive Right In
Scuba at a reduced rate. Whether it is diving or just a day or night on the water, our Boats are
available for your excursion with an experienced Captain!

Day or Night Boat Rides

Great for fireworks, Air & Water Show, or anything else on the lake - $80-100 per hour depending on the
trip location. This includes all gas, captain, fruit, and water.



Looking for a private charter with your friends? Whether you have 2 people or a full 6, our boats are
available. Contact us about getting your group out on a boat for a private day, weekend, or week!


Private Trips

Don’t see a trip you want to do? Simply CONTACT us to get a custom
quote for your trip!

Directions and Checklists

Northpoint Marina can be found HERE

Hammond Marina can be found HERE


Know what Mother Nature and Lake Michigan have in store for your adventure!


With over 30 shipwrecks to choose from, your adventure is waiting! See The Shipwrecks!

Take a virtual tour of a couple of our favorite shipwrecks!

Click the image to be taken to the tour!

Material Service Barge

Car Ferry #2

Photos Of Our Adventures

Click on any image to view the slideshow

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