Why Dive Lake Michigan?

Diving Lake Michigan can be a very unique experience. Lake Michigan brings a whole new dimension to diving, even compared to the colorful Ocean.  Some of the oldest and best wrecks in the world lie just outside the City of Lights! If you have never experienced a shipwreck then you’re in for a treat.

Most shipwrecks in the southern end of the lake lay in 35 -95 ft. of water. Some are penetrable where others are just the remnants and shell of an old ship. Wreck Diving season begins in May and goes to the end of October and there are plenty of trips that run every weekend and some during the week.  Wrecks further north get down to 350+ feet!  We do have a couple wrecks that are 140ft and do require extra training, but are well worth the adventure!

Divers wear anything from a full 7mm wetsuit to a full drysuit, and there have been times the water was warm enough to wear a 3mm! Gloves and hoods are highly recommended to make sure you stay warm and protect your hands from any Zebra Mussels.

Visibility depends on time of year and wind direction. There have been many times in May and July that the visibility has exceeded 100 ft. Water temperatures range from high 40s to mid 70s.  This too, depends on the time of year and more importantly, the wind direction. On average, the lake has great visibility and the temp isn’t too bad.  Be prepared for a GREAT TIME!

Southern Lake Michigan has numerous wrecks dating from the 1800s thru 2008. From Old Schooners to boats that Al Capone “entertained” his friends on.  There are even old relics from the Great Chicago Fire that have been found by divers.


This Shotgun was found and is from the Great Fire and has a serial number of 825 still very visible!  You can come see it on Display at Dive Right In Scuba!

Diving a wreck, understanding the history, then swimming through it can send an eerie chill through your body.  You will have a awe type wondering of what it was like as the ship was on its way to the bottom and how the crews managed. Some ships had complete loss of life whereas others had the entire crew survive and tell some very great tales.

There are two ships that were sunk as artificial reefs, and are fully intact and sitting upright for your dives. They sit in 70 ft of water and both have a great history that you can read about on our Wrecks Page. If you’re a photographer most of the ships have very unique photo ops.

Dive Right In Scuba strives to provide you with great dives and a feeling of fun when you board our boat. We have experienced Dive Masters and Instructors who know the history of the wrecks and will give you a detailed dive plan on your trips.  We also give a hand out of the wrecks you dove so you have a description of the wreck to use for your logbook.

Pick a date and decide what your skill level is and proceed into a whole new world of diving. You will not only be on a premier wreck but you will also see some of the marine life that call Lake Michigan their home. Largemouth, Smallmouth Bass, Crawdads, Fresh Water Sponges are some of the marine life you will see. You’re going to LOVE your adventures on Lake Michigan and we can’t wait to see you!

Written by Dave Hall

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