Deep Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes DVD


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The cold, fresh waters of the Great Lakes hold the best preserved shipwrecks in the world, but the ones in the most pristine condition often lie in deeper waters.
This in-depth look at some of these deep wrecks includes:
— Lake Erie’s Oxford, an early vessel lost in an 1856 collision, lying in 164 feet of water.
— Lake Michigan’s tragic Christmas Tree Ship, the Rouse Simmons, sunk in deep water with all hands in 1912.
— several deep shipwrecks off Lake Superior’s Whitefish Point, including the wooden steamer, Samuel Mather.
— the bow half of the freighter, Daniel J. Morrell, tragically lost in 1966 in Lake Huron with only one survivor
— the amazing Cornelia B. Windiate, a stunningly preserved schooner lost with all hands in 1875. And MORE!