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This DVD includes exciting stories such as:

— The 1860 loss of the Lady Elgin,

— the 1857 burning of the steamer Louisville,

— the steamer Globe explosion in the Chicago River,

— the destructive 1849 Chicago River flood.

Also: Explore dramatic stories and shipwrecks of:

— Chicago’s worst tragedy: the Eastland disaster!

— the Wings of the Wind schooner, sunk in 1866.

— exactly which ships were destroyed in the 1871 fire!

— the schooner Wells Burt, lost with all hands in 1883.

— the 1912 loss of Chicago’s Christmas Tree Ship, the tragic schooner Rouse Simmons!

— ships sunk by ice: the Flora M. Hill and the Iowa.

— the 1927 sinking of the excursion steamer Favorite.

— the legendary Prohibition speakeasy ship Rotarian.

— Chicago’s unique and tragic diesel barge Material Service.

PLUS the Seabird, David Dows, Tacoma, and many more!

Find out about ships purposely sunk in modern times:

— the huge ferry ship The Straits of Mackinac, 2003

— The historic ex-Coast Guard ship Buccaneer, 2010


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