Shipwrecks at Death’s Door DVD


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This exciting DVD will help you explore, enjoy, and appreciate the rich maritime history of the land that boldly juts into Lake Michigan and Green Bay!
Early French explorers named the dangerous, shoal-studded passage between Lake Michigan and Green Bay “Porte des Morts,” or Death’s Door. Since then, hundreds of ships have dramatically come to grief along these rocky shores, including:
— the long lost Griffon from 1679 — is it near Death’s Door, or not?
— the tragic Erie L. Hackley, lost with many lives in 1903.
— the schooner, D. A. Van Valkenburg, and its sole survivor.
–the Lakeland and its 1924 automobiles.
–the legend of the Poverty Island Treasure!
This is the companion DVD to the popular book, Shipwrecks at Death’s Door, by Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg.