Gillen Tug


June 3, 1981




Gillen Tug

Launched in 1908 from Buffalo, The Gillen Tug was originally christened the Erastus K. Knight. She would undergo another name change before becoming the Gillen Tug nearly six decades later. After over 70 years of faithful service to the Great Lakes, the GIllen Tug went down during a strain test of her winch required by the Coast Guard off of the coast of Milwaukee. It was during the test that the Gillen Tug inexplicably capsized and sank quickly. Even after more than 70 years of surface above the waves, she still serves divers as an amazing beginner/intermediate dive site a short 2 and a half miles from Milwaukee in 70 foot of water. While she is a small wreck and site, don’t let that fool you, she features some great exploration, mild penetration for those who are trained and experienced, as well as a stocked fridge! We visit the Gillen Tug from Milwaukee.