Northpoint Marina

April 18, 1928



Reel Therapy


Constructed in 1916 in Wilmington, Delaware, the Rosinco was a 95 foot long steel hulled yacht. Originally designed as a luxurious vision of the owner, William G. Coxe, the Rosinco was launched as the Georgiana III. During her decade of service, she was two more name and owner changes before becoming the Rosinco just prior to her loss. In September 1928, the Rosinco set off from Milwaukee on a short trip to Chicago. During the trip, the Rosinco struck a raft of sawed wooden beams that breached her hull. The Rosinco took on water and sunk quickly. Despite the fast sinking, all on board were able to evacuate and survived. The ship’s mascot, a canary however did not. The Rosinco currently sits largely intact at a depth of 195 feet and is a great wreck for the advanced technical diver to explore. We visit the Rosinco from Northpoint Marina.